About us

St. Laurentius choir  was founded in 1965 by late Kjell W. Christensen. On All Saints Day, 1964 a choir from the class he then taught, gave a recital in the old Lørenskog church. The next year St. Laurentius and its 'Friends Society', who took care of its day to day worries, were in operation.  Although not a typical church choir, St. Laurentius was named after the patron saint of the 800-year old church in Lørenskog, its home. This is a Urban Council Region about 15km from Oslo city center, with a population of about 42 000.. It is a fairly typical suburban area, with commerce, light industry, farming and forestry.  The local region, Romerike, although now peacefully rural, has a rich history, from viking times, through centuries of conflict with the Swedes, until it became the birthplace of modern Norway

Originally St. Laurentius was a children's choir, but the children grew up and didn't want to leave!  It now has about 130 members ranging in age from eight to seventy. This gives it a very special sound, the charm of the young voices adding to the experience of their elders. Apart from the pleasure of singing, the choir seeks to increase appreciation of good music.  It spans the range from madrigals to musicals including classical and sacred music, in many languages. Although the chief aim is to provide a positive activity for youngsters, the result has been a significant contribution to Norwegian music. Several professional singers and teachers have started life in this choir.

St. Laurentius concerts in the region around Oslo are now well established. There are several concerts throughout the year, both self-arranged and 'ordered'. The choir has worked with many well-known artists, some of them internationally famous. 

The choir do not only give traditional concerts but has every second year for the last 15 years, also performed as actors and dancers on stage in projects like "Carmina Burana", musical collages and own productions based on various themes.

Concert-tours abroad are of great personal value to the individual singers and also help to cement the identity of the choir. Countries visited include Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Britain, Sweden, Iceland, Austria, France, Jugoslavia, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, The Czech Republic, the Faroe Islands, Poland, Spain and Estonia.  Many life-long international friendships have resulted from these tours.